Sam's Fried Ice Cream

Sam's Fried Ice Cream offers a unique, delightful blend of crispy fried treats and creamy ice cream in the heart of NYC.
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Sam Chau
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February 1, 2021

SEO Successful Overview

Since beginning work with "Sam's Fried Ice Cream" in February 2021, our SEO agency significantly improved their online visibility. Through strategic keyword targeting and optimization, we enhanced their search engine rankings, attracting more organic traffic. This consistent increase in website visitors reflects the success of our tailored SEO strategies. Moreover, our cost-effective approach resulted in a substantial return on investment, demonstrating our commitment to maximizing client resources and achieving measurable results.

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Traffic Growth Success

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Our SEO campaign for "Sam's Fried Ice Cream" resulted in a substantial increase in web traffic. The site witnessed a surge to an estimated 1.7K users, a clear indicator of our strategy's success in enhancing online visibility and attracting a larger audience..

Keyword Positioning Achievement

The SEO campaign for "Sam's Fried Ice Cream" led to remarkable results, with key metrics illustrating our success. The term "sam's fried ice cream" achieved the 1st position, while "fried ice cream near me" ranked 4th in Google's search results. This strategic positioning in search rankings significantly enhanced the brand's online visibility and authority in its niche.

Our targeted efforts saw a total of 130 keywords ranking within Google's top 100, showcasing a broad impact across various search queries. This broad spectrum approach ensured a comprehensive enhancement of the site's search engine presence.

These achievements translated into increased organic traffic, with an estimated 1.7K users visiting the site. This growth in traffic, driven by improved keyword rankings, reflects a deeper engagement with the brand's content and a significant boost in digital visibility.

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Website design and development

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Be sure to check out the exceptional design and development work we've implemented.

Experience the innovative and user-focused solutions that highlight our dedication to creating engaging and functional digital environments.
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"Fabric Studio was a game changer for our company. Their team took the time to understand our vision and helped us bring it to life."

Magda Gessler from Pepsico

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