Hangry Dog

Explore a burst of flavors with Hangry Dog’s Korean fried corn dogs, your crunchy, savory delight at NYC street fairs.
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Juan Lim
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Fast Food

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May 1, 2021

SEO Successful Overview

The HangryDogNYC SEO project stands as a testament to our agency's prowess in digital marketing. We embarked on a comprehensive SEO strategy, which significantly increased organic search traffic to 285 visits. This achievement is noteworthy given the competitive landscape and highlights our ability to attract high-intent traffic effectively.

Our efforts also led to top rankings for competitive keywords, with 34 keywords ranking highly. Notably, terms like "korean corn dog nyc" achieved prominent positions, demonstrating our skill in identifying and optimizing for high-value keywords. This strategic focus not only improved HangryDogNYC's search engine rankings but also enhanced their digital presence, making them a prominent player in their niche.

Our success with HangryDogNYC showcases our agency's expertise in navigating the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, achieving measurable results, and providing our clients with a significant competitive edge. This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering top-tier SEO services and our ability to transform online visibility into tangible business outcomes.

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Traffic Growth Success

seo project's traffic growth stats

Our SEO strategy for HangryDogNYC significantly enhanced organic search traffic, with a notable increase to 285 visits. This growth exemplifies our success in driving targeted, high-intent web traffic, cementing our status as a leading agency in digital marketing innovation.

Keyword Positioning Achievement

Our strategic SEO efforts for HangryDogNYC resulted in top rankings for critical keywords, notably positioning "korean corn dog nyc" among the top search results. This success highlights our expertise in elevating keywords to prominent positions, greatly enhancing online visibility.

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Website design and development

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Be sure to check out the exceptional design and development work we've implemented.

Experience the innovative and user-focused solutions that highlight our dedication to creating engaging and functional digital environments.
“Bringing together better design, development and SEO
5 star rating

"I can't say enough good things about guys from Fabric. They completely transformed our project and brought it to the next level with their expertise in UX."

Clark Vision from Deliveroo
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Jennifer Aniston from Morning Show
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"Fabric Studio was a game changer for our company. Their team took the time to understand our vision and helped us bring it to life."

Magda Gessler from Pepsico

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