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Explore a burst of flavors with Hangry Dog’s Korean fried corn dogs, your crunchy, savory delight at NYC street fairs.
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Juan Lim
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March 23, 2023

Hangry Dog NYC elevates street fare with its tantalizing Korean fried corn dogs, offering a crunchy, savory escape for food adventurers at NYC street fairs. Merging traditional flavors with modern street food zest, they deliver an unmissable, delectable experience for curious taste buds roaming the vibrant streets of the city.

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Client's Goal:

Hangry Dog NYC, celebrated for their Korean fried corn dogs at NYC's street fairs, aimed to elevate their digital presence. Recognizing the importance of a website that mirrors their offline brand essence and stands at the pinnacle of modern web development practices, their primary goal was to redesign their online platform. They sought a site that would seamlessly align with their vibrant and culturally rich brand, facilitating easy engagement and connection for their patrons.

Asolace's Contribution:

As the agency leading this transformative project, we began with a meticulous assessment of Hangry Dog NYC's existing website, identifying areas ripe for enhancement. Aligned with the client's vision, we strategized a design approach that was both visually captivating and functionally superior. To realize this, we employed ReactJS—a leading-edge JavaScript library—for crafting the user interface. This choice guaranteed a responsive, efficient, and interactive experience for users. Special attention was dedicated to spotlighting their delectable menu, creating striking visuals of the corn dogs, and incorporating design motifs that celebrated their Korean heritage. Collaborating as a cohesive team, we ensured that the React components were modular, reusable, and adaptable for future updates or alterations.

Project Success:

After the launch, the feedback from Hangry Dog NYC's community and stakeholders was overwhelmingly positive. The use of ReactJS not only facilitated a fluid and interactive browsing experience but also ensured prompt load times and optimal performance across various devices. Users extolled the intuitive navigation, the website's aesthetic allure, and the authentic portrayal of Hangry Dog NYC's brand ethos and cultural foundations. The redesign notably augmented user engagement, with a significant rise in average session duration. This triumphant outcome reinforced Hangry Dog's digital prominence and fortified our partnership, setting the stage for potential future projects together.

Digital Marketing & SEO

Organic Search Traffic Success

Our SEO campaign for HangryDogNYC is a showcase of our expertise. We significantly increased organic search traffic to 285 visits, a clear indication of our ability to drive high-intent, quality traffic.

Top Ranking for Key Organic Keywords

Moreover, our skill in keyword optimization led to top rankings for competitive terms like "korean corn dog nyc." This achievement in securing top positions for our client's keywords demonstrates our unparalleled capability in enhancing online visibility and traffic quality.

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