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Strictly Junk Removal is dedicated to removing and cleaning rubbish in the Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods.
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Junk Removal

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July 18, 2023

Strictly Junk Removal is a family-owned venture, prides itself on providing premier junk removal and cleaning services to the cherished communities of Brooklyn and Queens. Rooted in values of care and reliability, they strive to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of your neighborhoods, ensuring every spot we touch is left immaculate and junk-free.

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Strictly Junk Removal, a cherished family-owned company, embarked on a digital journey with a clear aim: to establish a robust online presence through a new website. This digital platform was envisioned to not just showcase their esteemed services in junk removal and cleaning, but also to serve as a beacon, drawing potential clients through the power of effective SEO, fostering business growth in the vibrant communities of Brooklyn and Queens.

Our Contribution:

At Asolace, our involvement in this project was multifaceted:

  • We directed the content creation trajectory, ensuring the content was both engaging for the audience and optimized for SEO, reflecting the brand's commitment to excellence and community service.
  • Working in tandem with our skilled web design team, we ensured that the content seamlessly blended with the design, providing a comprehensive and immersive user experience.
  • Our team undertook extensive keyword research, incorporating the findings into the site's content, positioning the platform for prominence in search engine results, especially in the Brooklyn and Queens areas.
  • We also guided our SEO team on both on-site and off-site SEO strategies, fortifying the website's position in its niche.

Project Success:

The unveiling of Strictly Junk Removal's website was met with considerable appreciation from both the client and its patrons. Their digital identity mirrored their on-ground reputation: dependable, top-notch, and deeply connected to community service. This platform not only augmented their brand visibility but also acted as a catalyst for their business's digital evolution, showcasing the synergy of Asolace's dedication to design, meaningful content, and strategic SEO.

Digital Marketing & SEO

SEO Successful Overview

Despite the project's infancy, we've achieved notable milestones, including a visibility boost and ranking improvements for strategic keywords pertinent to junk removal services within NYC's boroughs.

Metrics and Achievements:

  • Visibility increase to 0.96% with a significant positive change (+0.88%)
  • Average position improved to 29.4, down from 68
  • 9 keywords in the top 100, with improvements and new rankings noted
  • Early signs of growth with room for further SEO maturity and performance enhancements

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